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The cross platform open source no-code game engine GDevelop just released a mobile version for Android, which frankly is the best mobile game engine I’ve used yet. This release comes at a good time, as there is a Fanatical GDevelop bundle available, which contains 13 months of Gold subscription, that would work extremely well with the mobile edition of GDevelop.

The GDevelop game engine is very easy to learn with a comprehensive set of tools and assets included. You can learn more about GDevelop game development here. GDevelop is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, the Web and now, on Android (with hopefully iOS coming soon).

EDIT – April 12/2023 — iOS Support is now available!

Features of GDevelop on Android from the GDevelop blog:

The GDevelop mobile app is as powerful as the full GDevelop desktop version. It’s a real, full-featured, open-source, professional grade game engine in your pocket. Specifically, you can:

  • Access all the tutorials embedded in the app (feel free to contribute to translations) to learn the basics of game creation with GDevelop and create your first games in minutes.
  • Create new game projects from scratch or from the library of 200 examples and templates.
  • Use free assets coming from the asset store (built over the past months thanks to the community) or import your own assets.
  • Open all your existing cloud projects, made with the desktop app. This includes all projects, with as many scenes, objects, events and other game elements as on the desktop version.
  • Export your games directly from the mobile app to all the currently supported platforms. Create an Android app, ready to be submitted to the Play Store, from your Android device!
  • Manage your game leaderboards, read players feedback, examine the game analytics, release a new version on from your phone.
  • Build any game you can think of
  • Use all the official, reviewed extensions or community extensions (that are checked by the GDevelop team to ensure a minimal level of quality).

The GDevelop team worked hard to make the app as accessible as possible even on small screens. While a tablet is a good form factor for building, a smartphone will also work and will allow you to edit every part of your game!

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You can learn more about GDevelop on mobile and see it running on my Android phone in the video below.

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