GDScript 2 in Godot 4

The upcoming Godot 4.0 has tons of exciting new features (several of which we have previewed here on GameFromScratch), yet one of the most useful are the new GDScript 2 features. GDScript 2 is an unofficial moniker resulting from feature thread on GitHub, which has now officially been merged into the master (development) branch of Godot 4.

The author of GDScript changes, George Marques, has done a series of technical blogs on the subject, including:

These blog posts are in reverse chronological order and will walk you through the development process that lead to GDscript 2.0. In the video below, we go hands-on with new features in GDScript 2 including attributes, lambdas, typing and more. Now we have yet another reason to wait for Godot it seems.

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