Get Marmalade Community free for one year

Today from GDC, Marmalade are offering their flagship product, um… Marmalade Community Edition free for a year.  Normally Marmalade Community is priced at $150 a year.


So, what exactly is Marmalade?  Its a cross platform, mobile oriented C++ game framework (although Obj-C, Lua and HTML5 are options).  In their own words:

Marmalade gives you the full power of C++ – whether you’re coding for one platform or many. Perhaps even more importantly, Marmalade means you can concentrate on simply making your game the best it can be, rather than getting distracted by the mechanics of going cross-platform. Enjoy performance, openness, flexibility and great low-level access – with Marmalade.


Marmalade is one of the most popular mobile gaming SDKs and has been used for a number of high profile mobile titles such as Plants Vs Zombies and Call of Duty: World at War Zombies.  You can see a number of titles made with Marmalade here.


So what are the limitations of Marmalade Community Edition.  There are a couple:

  • only able to target iOS and Android ( not BlackBerry, Tizen or Windows Phone 8, Desktop or various devices like smart TVs )
  • show a Made with Marmalade splash screen
  • 3 seats per organization maximum
  • maximum annual revenue of $500,000


 If you are interested in signing up you can do so here using the promo code GDCFREE mentioned in this tweet.

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