Gideros 2018.2 Released

A new version of Gideros, 2018.2.1 was just released.  Gideros is an open source, free cross platform Lua powered 2D game engine capable of targeting Android, iOS, MacOSX, Windows Phone, Windows and Windows RT.

Details of this release from the Gideros blog:


  • TileMap cells can now have a colour tint and alpha setting (per tile!!!)
  • TileMap new setTexture command.
  • TileMap new setRepeat command.
  • Requires plugin now has a switch for tilt games (no rotation mode)
  • [core] Handle various new keycodes
  • [android] New splash screen code


  • Add MOUSE_HOVER to the list of input events for a sprite
  • [bump] remove extraneous check on querySegment functions
  • [gps] Honor GPS threshold, fix geolocation source, more binders
  • [doc] Updated movieclip doc
  • [plugin/iab] Correct plugin script
  • [export] Show button disabled until export complete.

Gideros can be downloaded freely here.

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