Gideros stops development of cross platform Lua game engine and releases source code


In a piece of bittersweet news, Gideros have announced that they have open sourced their cross platform 2D game system. I explored Gideros a couple years ago when I did a round-up of LUA game engines.


For the Gideros forums:


Hello folks

Gideros Source released

so as you know recently we finally released Gideros Source, which is now available on Github MIT licensed:

We had to revert back to first working version, because for now we don’t have time to finish the changes started.

Gideros Development version

Gideros Development version (the one that we are working on) is now available here:

If you have any commits or pull requests, try to provide it to this Development version, as they will also need to be retested and revised.

Also if you have any issues to submit (even with current release), try to submit them to the Development version, because this is where the issues will be fixed and code modified.

When submitting an issue, try to provide as much information as possible, including stack trace (some crash reporting services can also provide links to share specific crash report, you may use them also)

Gideros 2.0

Gideros 1.0 moved too far and Gideros 2.0 is falling behind so badly, that we decided to make it obsolete (basically it is much easier to take Gideros 1.0 and modify it to work with OpenGL 2, than updating Gideros 2.0 to a state of Gideros 1.0)

So later, probably after Gideros Development version reaching stable release and when Atilim will have time, he will make a fork of current Gideros 1.0 version and port all the additions/changes Gideros 2.0 previously had, to make a current working Gideros 2.0 version, which will probably become new active development version.

Hope it all makes sense

Installing new Gideros

Currently we are looking into creating an easy to use build system so that anybody can create an installation package from codes easily.

If you have any suggestions or experience that you can share, we are all ears

For advanced users, build scripts are in gideros/scripts (

Getting Gideros License for current/previous versions

Our api now license any copy of Gideros software on any computer.

All you have to do, is to launch Gideros License Manager and authorize with your Gideros account and you will receive license, even if you are not paid customer.


And also if you have any suggestions, maybe even fixes, commits, pull requests, (including if you want to be added to Gideros repo on github) pm me or use this thread to discuss them.


The market reality for mobile game development SDKs seems to be a harsh one. Of the systems covered in the roundup, LOVE is the only one that didn’t under go a major overhaul in the last couple years ( as it was always a pure open source project ). MOAI development effectively stopped for a while and the MOAI cloud commerical component was shut down. Corona was changed to ship in a free configuration with a premium layer and now Gideros effectively stops being sold.


There is a silver lining here though. Since Gideros have released all of the source code on Github, Gideros has a chance to live on. It’s all on the community now. They did however do a very nice thing by making licenses of existing versions available to existing users, paid or unpaid.


I’ve taken a quick look at the source code. Gideros was written in C++ ( and obviously, Lua ). The editor is written using the Qt libraries. The source they released was based around the Gideros 1.x release ( with a fixed graphic Open GL 1 pipeline ), not the in development Gideros 2. In all honesty, for most of the games Gideros would create, a fixed pipeline shouldn’t be too much of a hinderance to most developers.

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