GitHub Desktop 2.0 Released

GitHub have released version 2.0 of GitHub Desktop.  GitHub Desktop is the open source Electron based application that makes GitHub easier to use without requiring developers to drop to the command line to create, use and modify code repositories.  The 2.0 release brings three major new features: stashing, rebasing and new collaborative tools.

Details of the release from the release notes:

  • New – You can now choose to bring your changes with you to a new branch or stash them on the current branch when switching branches – #6107

  • New – Rebase your current branch onto another branch using a guided flow – #5953

  • New – Repositories grouped by owner, and recent repositories listed at top – #6923 #7132

  • New – Suggested next steps now includes suggestion to create a pull request after publishing a branch – #7505

  • Added – .resx syntax highlighting – #7235. Thanks @say25!

  • Added – “Exit” menu item now has accelerator and access key – #6507. Thanks @AndreiMaga!

  • Added – Help menu entry to view documentation about keyboard shortcuts – #7184

  • Added – “Discard all changes” action under Branch menu – #7394. Thanks @ahuth!

You can learn more about the major new features of this release on the Github blog.  GitHub Desktop is an open source MIT licensed project available here.  See GitHub Desktop 2 in action in the video below.

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