GLFW 3.2.1 Released


GLFW 3.2.1 was just released, consisting primarily of bug fixes but also adding static linking of the Vulkan loader.  GLFW is a C based cross platformed windowing and input library built over top of OpenGL.  This functionality is not provided by OpenGL, so GLFW makes creating cross platform applications using OpenGL easier, while being lighter weight than alternatives such as SDL and better supported than the GLUT library that proceeded it.


From the release notes:

  • Added on-demand loading of Vulkan and context creation API libraries
  • Added _GLFW_VULKAN_STATIC build macro to make the library use the Vulkan loader linked statically into the application (#820)
  • Bugfix: Single compilation unit builds failed due to naming conflicts (#783)
  • Bugfix: The range checks for glfwSetCursorPos used the wrong minimum (#773)
  • Bugfix: Defining GLFW_INCLUDE_VULKAN when compiling the library did not fail with the expected error message (#823)
  • Bugfix: Inherited value of CMAKE_MODULE_PATH was clobbered (#822)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: glfwSetClipboardString created an unnecessary intermediate copy of the string
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Examples failed to build on Visual C++ 2010 due to C99 in linmath.h (#785)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: The first shown window ignored the GLFW_MAXIMIZED hint when the process was provided a STARTUPINFO(#780)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Event processing would segfault on some machines due to a previous distributed notification listener not being fully removed (#817,#826)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Some include statements were duplicated (#838)
  • [X11] Bugfix: Window size limits were ignored if the minimum or maximum size was set to GLFW_DONT_CARE (#805)
  • [X11] Bugfix: Input focus was set before window was visible, causing BadMatch on some non-reparenting WMs (#789,#798)
  • [X11] Bugfix: glfwGetWindowPos and glfwSetWindowPos operated on the window frame instead of the client area (#800)
  • [WGL] Added reporting of errors from WGL_ARB_create_context extension
  • [GLX] Bugfix: Dynamically loaded entry points were not verified
  • [EGL] Added lib prefix matching between EGL and OpenGL ES library binaries
  • [EGL] Bugfix: Dynamically loaded entry points were not verified


GLFW can be downloaded here.

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