GLOVE OpenGL ES on Vulkan Middleware Released

Think Silicon just released GLOVE (GL Over Vulkan … yeah, I don’t get how they make that work either) an open source middleware component that makes it so you can run OpenGL ES on Vulkan.  Available for Android, Linux and Windows, it seamlessly translates OpenGL called to Vulkan at runtime.  The code is available on GitHub under the LGPL v3 open source license.

Details of how GLOVE works from the Github page:

GLOVE functionality

GLOVE (GL Over Vulkan) is a software library that acts as an intermediate layer between an OpenGL application and Vulkan.

GLOVE is focused towards embedded systems and is comprised of OpenGL ES and EGL implementations, which translate at runtime all OpenGL ES / EGL calls & ESSL shaders to Vulkan commands & SPIR-V shader respectively and finally relays them to the underlying Vulkan driver.

GLOVE has been designed towards facilitating developers to easily build and integrate new features, allowing at the same time its further extension, portability and interoperability. Currently, GLOVE supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and EGL 1.4 on a Linux platform, but the modular design can be easily extended to encompass implementations of other client APIs as well.

GLOVE is considered as a work-in-progress and is open-sourced under the LGPL v3 license through which it is provided as free software with unlimited use for educational and research purposes.

Future planned extensions of GLOVE include the support for OpenGL ES 3.x and OpenGL applications.

Keep in mind this is a pretty early release and has only been tested on a small subset of hardware with mixed results.  You can find a great deal more technical information on how GLOVE works and how to extend it in this document.  Keep in mind, this is a fairly new technology and only has been tested on a small subset of devices.  You can read more about this release here.

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