Godot 3.0 Progress Update


The Godot Engine is inching closer to the major 3.0 update and a recent progress report illustrated several new features that have been added to the engine.  If you are currently unaware of it, Godot is an open source fully featured 2D/3D game engine with a complete editing environment.  You can learn how to use Godot with our comprehensive tutorial series available here

Several new features have just been added, in varying degrees of completion, including:part_directed

  • Web Export an experimental exporter to WebAssembly and WebGL enabling you to publish your Godot game to run in browsers, although only the most current Firefox and Chrome browsers are currently supported
  • GDNative was recently announced as DLScript but was thankfully renamed to the much more expressive GDNative.  This provides a bridge between the Godot engine and native code without requiring any recompilation
  • New Particle System that works entirely on the GPU enabling a huge number of particles, many more than the current implementation.  The new system also allows tighter control, curve based tweaking, mesh based particles and more options for particle emitters, as seen in the image to the right.

Godot 3.0 alpha will be released soon.  If you are interested in playing with the new features, you will instead have to build Godot from the current master branch.  For details on how to build Godot using Visual Studio refer to this tutorial.


For more details on Godot 3.0, be sure to check the Godot engine blog post.

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