Godot 3.0 Release Status Update

Godot 3.0 is a massive update for the Godot game engine that is actively underdevelopment and anxiously anticipated.  Today they posted an update describing the newest functionality that will be appearing in Godot 3.0.  The blog post goes into a great deal of detail, but here is the TL;DR version:

  • GDNative – native language bindings rewritten C++, as well as RUST and D bindings addedGodot
  • Customizable themes and general UI improvements
  • WebGL 2.0 and WebAssembly support
  • C# (Mono) support
  • AR/VR Support development work using OpenVR
  • “Freelook” 3D scene navigation for WASD type scene control in Godot
  • Script editor enhancements
  • MFI controller support
  • Various fixes and improvements

So this of course leads to the most obvious question… when are we going to see Godot 3.0?  Well…

Godot 3.0 is coming along pretty nicely, and though its development is taking longer than we initially planned back in Fall 2016, it’s all for the better. The many compatibility changes that we had the opportunity to make over the last 9 months will make Godot 3.0 more consistent and easy to use.

Still, as we often repeat it to newcomers, please continue using Godot 2.1.x until the 3.0 branch is ready – we speak a lot of compatibility changes but the workflow stays very similar, and the vast majority of what you will learn using Godot 2.1.x will be reusable 1:1 in the future branch. It will be the same engine, just better.

Okay, but when do we get the alpha build?

When it’s ready™. There has been a lot of progress on many blocking bugs lately, which we track in a dedicated issue. We expect to be ready for an alpha release in ca. 2 weeks, so stay tuned 🙂

By then we will consider 3.0 feature complete, and we should stop breaking compatibility every other day. Count likely two months of testing and bugfixing and we should be ready to release the stable version, probably some time in August.

I have checked out in progress builds for Windows a few times in the last few weeks, and for me it’s been pretty much unplayable due to some OpenGL bugs, so hopefully the alphas become a bit more stable and I can get some hands on time soon.

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