Godot 3.5 Beta Released

Following two months after the release of Godot 3.4 today we have the first beta release of Godot 3.5. Continuing a trend of recent Godot releases, more and more features from the upcoming Godot 4 are being back ported to the current supported version. This is of course a beta release and should not be used in productions.

Details of the release from the Godot Engine blog:

Asynchronous shader compilation + caching (ubershader) (GH-53411)

A long awaited solution to shader compilation stuttering on OpenGL, courtesy Pedro J. Estébanez!

This new system uses an “ubershader” (big shader supporting all features, slow but compiled on startup) to fill in for all shaders initially while the more efficient and material-specific shaders get compiled asynchronously, and cached for future runs.

This means that on the first run materials may look a bit different for a second or two, but there should no longer be compilation lags. Please test this thoroughly and let us know how it performs on your projects.

Add NavigationServer with obstacle avoidance using RVO2 (GH-48395)

Jake Young backported the refactored and much improved navigation system that Andrea Catania implemented for Godot 4.0 back in 2020!

This adds support for obstacle avoidance using the RVO2 library, and navigation meshes can now be baked at runtime.

The backport was done while attempting to preserve API compatibility within reason, but the underlying behavior will change, mainly to provide a lot more features and flexibility. We expect that all users will happily move to the new NavigationServer, but please report issues if you see behavior changes for the worse when upgrading from 3.4.

Add push, pull, fetch and improved diff view to VCS UI (GH-53900)

Aged like fine wine, Meru Patel’s work from Google Summer of Code 2020 has been continued and updated by GSoC 2019 alumni Twarit Waikar!

What is it? A lot of new features for Version Control Systems (VCS) integration in the Godot editor, such as push, pull, and fetch operations, as well as a very nice diff view UI. All these features have been implemented in the official Git integration plugin. Watch the Releases page for upcoming testing builds of the Git plugin to use with 3.5 beta 1!

You can learn more about the Godot 3.5 beta release and see the new NavigationServer in action in the video below. The example showcased in the video is available for download here. You can learn more about the RVO2 algorithm implemented in the NavigationServer here.

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