Godot 3.5 Released

Eight months after the release of Godot 3.4, the popular open source Godot 3.5 game engine was just released. The Godot 3.5 release brings several features back ported from the hotly anticipated Godot 4 version, making the wait somewhat easier for Godot developers. Speaking of that wait, the first Godot 4 beta should be any day now.

Major features of the Godot 3.5 release include:

  • New navigation server using the RVO2 library and supporting runtime navmesh baking
  • Interpolation in 3D physics
  • Improved tweening support
  • A new Time management singleton
  • Label3D and TextMesh nodes added
  • Access objects via a unique name
  • New HFlowContainer and VFlowContainers for arranging child Control nodes
  • UberShader (async shader) support
  • Polygon based occlusion shape
  • Android editor improvements
  • Material overlay support
  • Improvements to source control UI
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Key Links

Release Notes

Releases On GitHub (Faster Downloads)

Godot Web Editor

You can learn more about Godot 3.5 being released and see the new unique name scripting option in action in the video below.

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