Godot 4.3 Best New Features

The Godot Game Engine are getting closer and closer to releasing Godot 4.3. This release is currently available in Beta 2 and boosts several new features including a reworking of both the 2D tilemap and parallax systems. We discussed the changes to the Tilemap system earlier in this post, although today we are going to quickly revisit it, along with several other of the best new features in the upcoming Godot 4.3 release.

Key Links

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Godot 4.3 Beta 2 (Currently Most Revcent)

Interactive Music System PR

Godot Linux Wayland Support

Direct3D 12 Rendering

Godot Parallax2D Changes

In the video below we discuss and demonstrate what are some of the best upcoming features in Godot 4.3.

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