Godot 4 Development Updates

There are a trio of recent development updates over on the Godot news website.  Today we take a look at the 3 major updates that have been made recently.  Keep in mind that Godot 4.0 is heavily under development and in no way should be used for production work!  If you do not want to build Godot from code yourself, you can get compiled nightly builds here.

Core Refactoring

Several changes have been made to the core of Godot 4.0.  Some of this is relatively simple renaming of nodes and servers to give a consistent naming convention across the entire game engine.  The biggest change in the refactoring is the reorganization of the Display Server and as a direct result, Godot 4.0 will now support detachable dialogs making multi window support vastly improved!

Custom Sky Shader

Environment sky settings have been refactored into a single Sky class and includes a new Sky shader type.  This new functionality gives the user a great deal more control over the sky, including the ability to create programmatic dynamic skys.

C# Improvements

iOS support is nearly here for Godot, both in Godot 4.0 and hopefully in the upcoming Godot 3.2.2 release.  The other major announcement around C# is support for C#’s event system for handling Godot signals, making C# code look much more like… well, C#.

You can learn more about all these new features by clicking the appropriate link above or watching the video embedded below.  The 3D scene used in Godot was downloaded from Sketchfab and is available for free here.

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