Godot 4 First Alpha Release

For those that are waiting for Godot 4, the wait just Godot a bit shorter with the first official Godot 4 alpha release. Thankfully several of the features in the upcoming 4.0 release have been back ported to the 3.x branch, such as the recently released Godot 3.5 beta.

The number of features in the Godot 4 release are huge and nicely summarized on the Godot blog. A highlight of new features include:

  • New Vulkan renderer
  • New global illumination systems
  • New custom Godot Physics system, both 2D and 3D
  • GDScript language improvements
  • Performance optimizations tools such as automatic LOD and occlusion culling systems
  • New audio server
  • Improved text renderer and localization tools
  • GDScript improvements
  • Networking improvements
  • Much, much more.

Unfortunately the Mono version is currently unavailable, but you can download Godot 4.0 Alpha 1 here for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Do keep in mind, this is an ALPHA release and shouldn’t even be considered for use in a production environment. There are most likely going to be changes and new features between now and the first beta release and bugs and other instability should be expected.

You can learn more about the first Godot 4 alpha release in the video below.

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