Godot 4 New 2D Features Showcase

Over on the Godot Engine blog they recently put together a summary of some of the exciting new 2D features that will arrive in Godot 4. Today we go hands-on with the majority of these new features. In addition to the new tricks showcased in the video there are other 2D improvements in Godot 4 including across the board performance improvements (due to the new Vulkan renderer and internal optimizations) as well as support for 2D signed distance fields.

Highlighted new features include:

  • new 2D CanvasTexture with support for diffuse, normal and specular maps
  • better support for 2D lights (all drawn in a single pass)
  • directional light and shadow support
  • new child clipping feature
  • new CanvasGroup for grouping multiple sprites into a single draw call

In addition to these new features, Godot have also just released an update on the improvements to tilemap support, which will be covered in a separate video. Check out the video below to see these excellent new Godot 2D features in action.

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