Godot, Blender, Defold and Phaser Receive Funding from NFT Company

Love it or hate it, but NFTs are coming to the world of game development, or at least their money is. Open source game engines Phaser, Godot and Defold as well as Blender have just received a combined total of $300K USD in grants from the NFT themed company OP Games. We are big fans of all of these game engines, in fact we have done tutorials for all three engines ( Defold, Phaser, Godot ) over time, and the funding is certainly welcome.

Details of the funding from the Godot announcement:

We are happy to announce that the gaming platform OP Games is donating USD 100,000 to the Godot project. These funds will be used to further the general development of the engine.

As mentioned in their announcement, OP Games is also similarly supporting the open source game development tools Blender and Phaser, and the source available Defold engine.
OP Games is also actively looking for game developers interested in their platform, see this contact form for details.

Thank you OP Games for your support of Godot and other open source game development tools!

Key links:

The world of NFTs can certainly be a confusing one, especially with all of the hype surrounding it. To attempt to explain the situation in layman terms we made the following video, which should give you a good introduction to the world of NFT and Blockchain and how it relates to game development.

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