Godot Dialogue Manager

Today we are checking out Godot Dialogue Manager, a recently released add-on for the Godot game engine that makes it simple to implement dialog systems in your game. Dialogue manager extends Godot with tools for creating dialogs directly in the editor as well as functionality for providing translations to multiple languages. The project is free and open source under the MIT license and is hosted on GitHub. Installation is a simple matter of cloning the repository and copying the addons directory to your project.

The process itself is heavily code driven, with the DialogueManager class directing things. The system itself is stateless, so you provide a game state object with variables and functions that can be called directly within the dialog. This enables your dialogs to access and modify exposed variables and functions directly in the dialog markup.

The dialog language itself is a simple text format that supports branching and pausing as well as polling users for input and responding accordingly. Additionally using game states you can call code or modify properties as part of the dialog process for handling things such as animation, or changing values within your game world based on users responses.

If you want a solution with a bit more tooling and a higher level focus, you can also check out Dialogic which we covered a few months back. If you are looking for a stateless code driven approach, Godot Dialogue Manager could be a good fit for you.

Key Links

Godot Dialogue Manager GitHub Page

Video Tutorial From Creator

Dialogic GitHub Page

You can learn more about using Godot Dialogue Manager and see it in action in the video below.

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