Godot Engine 2.0 Beta Released


I’ve been waiting on this one for a while, Godot 2.0 has finally been released in beta form.

Never one for …  lengthy release notes, this release is not exception:

After a long, long time in development Godot 2.0 is now in beta!

Godot 2.0 Beta features a new interface , and huge amounts of usability improvements.
It is also more stable than ever, with hundreds of bug fixes and small enhacements.
Give it a test in the Downloads section!

Due to the lack of details of what is in this release (EDIT—Actually, read below, author contacted me via twitter with WIP change log), I instead leave you with a screenshot of the new 2.0 UI in action:


EDIT – The change log is still a work in progress, but here are it’s contents at present:

Useful links:

Related GH issue: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/3355

Closed issues against 2.0: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues?q=milestone%3A2.0+is%3Aclosed

Closed PRs against 2.0: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues?q=milestone%3A2.0+is%3Aclosed

Closed PRs since 1.1-stable: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+updated%3A%3E2015-05-21

Remember to compare between the current status and 1.1-stable, we don’t need to mention changes that were done in between, like fixing regressions added after 1.1-stable.



– INI-style `.tscn` and `.tres` file formats for scenes and resources

– Haiku platform support

– Scene inheritance: scenes can be based on another one and save only changes relative to the base scene

– Support for Opus audio codec

– Godot icon for Windows editor using `pe_bliss` (GH-2195)

– Added ability to export current scene to a .zip file // what is this feature?

– Option to keep collision shapes at run-time (GH-1045)

– ConfigFile.get() now has an optional “default” value to return in case the value is not found

– Alt+Right click to pick layered nodes (GH-837)

– Z-position in Node2D to specify draw order (GH-405)

– GUI node (Control) rotation and scaling

– Building on Windows now works with Visual Studio 2015

– Improved joystick support


– Option to convert .tscn format scenes to binary .scn format on export

– Option for zip-compressed resources (rather than binary pck)

– Option to export resources only


– Live scene editing

– Open several scenes at once

– Dockable UI windows

– Revamped script editor; recently viewed scripts appear in a red color, whereas less recent ones appear in a blue color

– Merged Script and Help tabs, help is now viewable from the Script tab

– Alt+Right click to pick layered nodes (GH-837)

– Improved “Project Settings” and “Editor Settings” dialogs (sections)


– Option for  visible collision shapes, navigation, joints and paths at run-time (GH-934) (GH-2439) // clarify what is visible in 3D

– GDScript keyword `breakpoint` for persistent breakpoints (GH-3165)


– Custom signal syntax `signal my_signal(parameter_a, parameter_b)` at class level

– Constructor `Color8(r, g, b, a)` and members `r8`, `g8`, `b8`, `a8` for `Color` type to define colors using 8-bit (0-255) values (GH-2339)

– GDScript export hints

  • – `int, FLAGS` — full range of bit flags (GH-2282)
  • – `int, FLAGS, “Flag 1”, “Flag 2″` —set of  named bit flags (GH-2988)
  • – `float, EXP` — float edited with exponential slider (GH-2988)
  • – `float, EASE` —  float edited with easing functions display (GH-2403)
  • – `String, MULTILINE` —  string edited with multiline editor (GH-2323)
  • – Global filesystem hints restricted to tool scripts
  • – `String, FILE, GLOBAL` — File in global filesystem (GH-2988)
  • – `String, DIR, GLOBAL` —Directory in global filesystem (GH-2988)

– Extend directly from `Object` type (GH-2776)


– New default theme by Andreas Esau (@ndee85)

– Replaced JPEG decoding library with a new one, supporting progressive JPEG

// don’t think we should mention that – Removed some extraneous prints in console

– Updated to libpng 1.5.26, fixing various upstream security issues

– SpinBoxes now repeatedly increase/decrease value when the up/down button is held

– Improved text selection in TextEdit

– PI is now a constant (GH-2134)


– KP5 now toggles between orthogonal and perspective mode as expected in 3D view

< and > not longer get swapped in .xscn/.xml format (note that this might break some logic in 1.1-stable games that relied on the buggy behaviour) (GH-2649)

– Fix uniform scaling of non-square CanvasItem nodes (GH-3224)


– Undocumented GDScript aliases `vec2`, `mat32`, `vec3`, `mat3`, `trn`, `dict` and `function`


(things that might be integrated in some categories above, once sorted)

Node-specific stuff:

    – VideoPlayer:

        o add possibility to set the audio stream (GH-158)

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