Godot Engine 2.1.1 Released


You may recall that earlier this week it was announced that Godot would be skipping the 2.2 release to focus instead of getting Godot 3.0 out to the market faster.  This doesn’t mean they wont still be doing minor, more maintenance focused releases.  In fact Godot just released version 2.1.1.  For a maintenance release, there is actually a pretty surprising amount in there.


Highlights of the release from the Godot blog:


  • Gamepad support for OSX!
  • Generic AStar implementation – relatively fast and useful for situations where Navigation doesn’t cut it
  • More drag and drop possibilities (and fixes) from and to the SceneTree, Filesystem and Viewport. Try things, some intuitive actions should now be functional (e.g. dragging a scene from the Filesystem to the Viewport to instance it)
  • OpenGL compatibility enhancements: improved compatibility with older OpenGL 2.1 drivers, and prevent crashing when OpenGL 2.1 is not supported
  • Third party libraries refactoring: now shipped in a separate folder and they can be easily unbundled (thus linking against system libraries) on Linux (especially relevant for Linux packagers)
  • Usability and quality of life improvements all over the place
  • Dozens of bug fixes
  • Many class reference documentation updates
  • Editor translation updates


You can read the full release notes here.

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