Godot Engine 2.1 Released


After a few release candidates, Godot Engine just released version 2.1.  If you’ve never heard of the Godot Engine, it’s a popular MIT licensed open sourced 2D/3D game engine, we previously featured it in the Closer Look series in addition to a pretty massive tutorial series, should you wish to learn more.  Godot 2.1 focused heavily on usability issues, the kind of things that make a developers life smoother on a daily basis.Godot



Features of Godot Engine 2.1 include:

    • new asset sharing platform
    • new plugin api
    • dynamic font support
    • fully internationalized editor UI
    • editor visual customization
    • user customizable key bindings
    • live script reloading
    • profiler and frame profilers
    • remote scene inspector
    • HIDPI/Retina display support
    • drag and drop support
    • contextual menus
    • script editor improvements
    • improved asset pipeline
    • improved resource preview and thumbnails
    • new animated sprite features

You can read a great deal more about these new features in the release post.


This feature takes a hands-on look at the new functionality available in Godot 2.1:

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