Godot Leadership Form New Company W4 Games

Key members of the Godot leadership team, specifically founder and leader developer Juan Linietsky and project coordinator Remi Vershelde, have just formed a new company called W4 Games. The purpose behind this company was described in this announcement Tweet about the formation of the company (which is in Ireland, if you’re wondering about the 4 leaf clover motif):

More details from the W4 Games “Hello World” blog:

W4 Games was formed to strengthen the Godot ecosystem by providing both enterprise and independent developers with a complementary suite of commercial products and services to successfully develop and publish video games to all existing platforms in the market. Further announcements about these products and services will be made over the coming weeks and months as they become available.

As part of our development philosophy we want to give back to Godot wherever possible. Throughout the development of our products we will be open sourcing as much as we can, including additions to Godot that strengthen the engine. Stay tuned for relevant announcements on this topic in the coming days!

Further details of the new company and how it will impact Godot development going forward are available on the W4 Games FAQ.

Beyond how will this impact Godot, one of the biggest questions will no doubt be “what exactly do W4 Games do?”. I believe that is most accurately described in this Twitter interaction:

You can learn more about the formation of W4 Games and how it will impact the Godot game engine project in the video below.

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