Godot TileMap Replaced with TileMapLayers

In the move from Godot 3.x to Godot 4.x one of the few regressions was support for 2D tiled maps. Since the 4.0 release however, several features are being reintroduced to bring Godot up to parity with the older versions. In the upcoming release of Godot 4.3 (currently in Beta1) there are some major changes to the TileMap class. In fact, the class itself is deprecated and has been replaced with the new TileMapLayer class.

Details from the Godot 4.3 Beta 1 release blog:

TileMap layers as nodes

TileMap layers are now exposed as individual TileMapLayer nodes (GH-89179), which means less clutter in the inspector, a simpler API, and is also more in line with common Godot design patterns.

To avoid the small drawbacks that would come with that change, we added new editor features, for example the ability to select all layers in the currently edited scene. The TileMap node itself is marked as deprecated but will stay for a while (it will not get any new features though).

To help with the transition, you can automatically transform a TileMap node to a set of TileMapLayer nodes via a dropdown menu entry in the editor. You’ll have to update your scripts, but don’t worry, the API is very similar.

Key Links

Dev snapshot: Godot 4.3 beta 1

Humble Bundle Assets from Demo

You can learn more about the deprecation of TimeMap and how to use the new TileMapLayer replacement in the video below.

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