Godot Tutorial– Using Add-Ons

There are a wealth of great add-ons for the Godot game engine, such as Add_Primitives, which adds several geometric primitives to the Godot editor, such as capsules, spheres and more.  This quick tutorial (including a video) goes step by step through the process of enabling an add-on in your Godot project.

First, you need to download the add-on you wish to enable, that or git clone it.  In this tutorial we are going to simply download it.  This link will download the add_primitives add-on zip.

Next, create a project.  Add-on’s are now located at the project level, not in the %APPDATA% folder.  In the project directory, create a folder called Addons.  In that folder, extract the zip file you downloaded earlier.  Next be sure to rename it from add_primitives-master to add_primitives, so the folder name matches the add-on name.  If you cloned using git, you wont have to perform this step.

Now load Godot.  Select the Scene Menu->Project Settings.


Switch to the Plugins tab


Next change Status to Active.


And done!  If you are using the Add_Primitives add-on from this example, you should now see an additional icon in the 3D view:


The Add-on will also be shown in your project view:


You can watch the above process in video form below.


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