Godot Unity like game engine going open source

There is a new entrant in the game engine space, the Godot game engine from Okam Studio.  The engine was apparently used for in-house projects and is over a decade in the making.  The editor runs on Linux, Windows, and OSX and can target desktop, mobile, consoles as well as HTML.


From observation, the engine appears to be similar to Unity but powered by C++.  It uses a custom scripting language that appears LUA like.

In the developer’s own words:

We’ll be opening a game engine that has more than a decade of work (and several iterations) as MIT license soon.

It’s not an engine made by hobbyists, this is a production tool used to develop and publish plenty of games for PC, Consoles and Mobile. It’s currently in beta stage, meaning it’s feature complete and fully usable, but lacks very little fine tuning and testing. It has a similar feature set to Unity (little less stuff on 3D front, much more stuff on the 2D front, debugging). and runs on all the popular desktop and mobile platforms, as well as on the web (through asm.js).

Unlike almost any other game engine with this level of features, the editor runs fine in Linux, as well as Windows and OSX, and supports one click deploy.

Apparently the engine is being released under the MIT open source license ( a very generous license ) and is undergoing polish before complete release.  If you are interested in early access, contact [email protected].

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one… a C++ powered Unity like engine is sure to be interesting to many.  Not sure exactly when it will drop but for now we are … Waiting for Godot.

Ok… that was bad.   More details as I get them.

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