Godot Voxel Tools

Voxel Tools is an open source and free C++ module for the Godot game engine that adds Voxel terrain support.  You can create both blocky Minecraft style maps, or smoothed realistic maps.

Details of Voxel Tools features:

  • Realtime editable, 3D based terrain (Unlike a heightmap based terrain, this allows for overhangs, tunnels, and user creation/destruction)
  • Physics based collision and raycast support
  • Infinite terrains made by paging sections in and out
  • Voxel data is streamed from a variety of sources, which includes the ability to write your own generators
  • Minecraft-style blocky voxel terrain, with multiple materials and baked ambient occlusion
  • Smooth terrain using Transvoxel
  • Levels of detail for smooth terrain
  • Voxel storage using 8-bit channels for any general purpose

Since Voxel Tools are implemented as C++ modules (learn more about that topic here), you are required to recompile the Godot engine.  Thankfully however Voxel Tools ships with precompiled versions available for all platforms here.  The sample level used in the below video can be cloned from this repository and the documentation is available here.

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