GodotSfxr Add-On Released

GodotSfxr is a new plugin released for the Godot game engine. This is a port of the long running sfxr audio tool to run inside the Godot game engine. sfxr is used to quickly and easily create a wide variety of 8bit-esque sound effects using a series of parameters and sliders. GodotSfxr brings this functionality inside the Godot game engine, making it quick and easy to create dynamic sound effects directly inside the engine.

You can learn more about GodotSfxr on the Itch.io page. The project is open source, released under the flexible MIT open source license, and is hosted on GitHub. The project is not yet available in the Godot asset library, so for now simply clone the project from GitHub and copy the addons folder into your project directory.

The code used in the example to create and play a random sound effect is as follows:

	var maxFX = SfxrGlobals.PRESETS.keys().size()
	var randomSound = rand_range(0.0,maxFX)

You can learn more about using GodotSfxr and see it in action in the video below. If you are interested in other sfxr inspired projects, be sure to check out Chiptone and the free audio resources guide over on DevGa.me.

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