GodotShaders — A New Resource For Godot Shader Developers

GodotShaders is a new portal for sharing and discussing shaders for the Godot game engine. At GodotShaders.com developers can share shaders (Spatial, Canvas and Particle) that are ready to use in the Godot game engine. There is also a section for Snippets in the Godot shading language.

The GodotShaders site is described as:

I’ve been making projects in Godot for quite some time now. I just love it! Having spent many hours in other popular engines, in Godot everything just feels natural and easy to work with. Everything, except for shaders. This is not Godot’s fault, shaders are hard to get your head around when starting out.

For my own projects, I’ve spent countless hours browsing the internet for examples and tutorials on how to make something glow or how to distort a sprite. The idea with Godot Shaders is to make that browsing experience better and to offer a natural place to start when you need shader help. A large library where anyone can post their shader for others to use, modify and learn from. All shaders here are free under CC0, MIT or GNU GPLv.3 license.

Yes, shaders are hard. But with some help from those who do master them, we can all make our games look beautiful!

You can learn more about GodotShaders and how to use the shader in the Godot engine in the video below. Other key links mentioned in the video including The Book of Shaders, an excellent resource for learning shader programming and ShaderToy, a massive collection of (non-Godot format) shaders. The Godot shader language details are available here. If you are interested in the Godot engine, check out our tutorial series available here.

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