Google Play Pass Launched

Google have just launched Google Play Pass a monthly subscription service for applications and games on the Google Play store.  Google Play Pass is launching first in the Unity States and will cost $4.99 per month, with an introductory price of $1.99 a month.  Intended to launch for more than 350+ games and applications, you can see an initial list of known launch titles here.

There are details available for developers available here with more details available on the Android developer blog here.  Integrating existing applications is easy:

A single APK supports distributing your app in the Google Play Store and through Play Pass, so you can take advantage of both opportunities without spending a lot of extra time on development. All you need to do is integrate a few Google Play APIs to enable a seamless experience for Play Pass subscribers:

  • Paid apps are free for Play Pass subscribers to enjoy. Developers integrate with the Google Play licensing service to limit access only to paying users.
  • IAPs are free for Play Pass subscribers and can be unlocked automatically. No integration is required beyond checking the Google Play Billing API for new or removed purchases when your app starts and resumes.
  • Ads are automatically removed for Play Pass subscribers while continuing to surface for the general Play audience. Developers integrate by defining an IAP that removes advertising.

In terms of making money, here are the details we know:

Being a part of Google Play Pass’s curated collection of apps and games can help you attract new users who may not have discovered your titles on their own. Subscribers can find your content either through the new “Play Pass” tab or by looking for the Play Pass “ticket” badge that indicates apps and games unlocked with Play Pass. And the more value subscribers find in your title, the more revenue you’ll earn on a recurring basis.

In addition, for a limited time, we’re offering a low introductory price for Play Pass subscribers so that even more users will subscribe and discover Play Pass content. Google is funding this launch offer so that you can benefit from subscriber interest without impacting the revenue you can earn.

Exact revenue share details are unavailable.  Developers can sign up for consideration for the service here.  You can learn more about Google Play Pass in the video below.

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