Having trouble finding 3D models? There’s a search engine for that


Searching for and finding 3D models on the internet can be a daunting task.  There are hundreds of sites with free 3D models, but the quality varies massively and it’s a laborious task separating the wheat from the chaff.  If only there was a search engine for this!  Well, now there is.


Enter Yobi3D.com.  Literally a search engine for 3D models:




Simply enter a search term and it brings you thumbnailed search results:



Pick a search result and a 3D WebGL viewer pops up.  ( or your iPad that doesn’t support WebGL crashes! ).




From here you can orbit and zoom the model.  Of course you can also navigate to the source using the link at the bottom.


One immediately obvious question, how do you filter results?  If you are a Blender user, you probably don’t want Max files for example.  There is a way to do this, but unfortunately it’s clunky.  In the search box add “AND extension:filetype” like:


And it will return only Blender results.



Very cool new tool and I hope them well.  There are a few things I would really like to see to make this even better.

  • metadata in the search results.  File type, vertex count, etc. 
  • textures if available
  • animations if available
  • license model released under
  • less clunky UI for specifying model format.


Hopefully we will see improvements over time.  All told though, already a very useful tool for people looking for 3D models.


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