HaxeFlixel 5 Released

The Haxe powered open source 2D game engine/framework HaxeFlixel just released version 5. HaxeFlixel is a combination of the Haxe language, OpenFL framework and inspired by the ActionScript/Flash based game framework Flixel. The 5.0.0 release is the first major release in almost 5 years, although the project is very mature at this point so massive changes aren’t really necisarry.

The HaxeFlixel release isn’t massive, with details from Twitter:

HaxeFlixel 5.0.0 Release features from Twitter

Key Links

HaxeFlixel Homepage

HaxeFlixel on GitHub

Migration Guide

Haxe Programming Language

OpenFL Framework

GameFromScratch HaxeFlixel Tutorial Series

You can learn more about the HaxeFlixel 5 release in the video below.

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