Hero Forge — This COULD Be An Awesome Game Development Tool

Hero Forge is an online tool that is used to create miniatures for table top and digital RPGs, that has the potential to be an amazing game development tool. Hero Forge runs entirely in your browser and enables you to create a wide variety of character models. They also enable you to download models in the universal STL file format, making it easy to open models in a tool such as Blender. Unfortunately for aspiring game developers it all falls apart because of the license:

Sky Castle Studios offers or may offer for purchase downloadable 3D model files that may include Character Designs (“3D Models”). Except as expressly provided in these Terms, Sky Castle Studios retains all ownership, right, title, and interest in the 3D models. The 3D Models may be printed or otherwise used for personal, noncommercial use and may not be resold, redistributed, or made available to third parties. Physical items printed from the 3D Models may not be sold or otherwise used commercially for any purpose, including as part of a larger project.

It would still be possible to use created models in your own personal projects, but sadly makes them almost useless for the vast majority of game developers. Here’s hoping Sky Castle Studios realizes they have a great opportunity on their hands and opens up their tool to game developers. You can see Hero Forge in action in the video below. There are a couple of STL files available for download here if you want to see how the Hero Forge models perform.

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