How my upcoming vacation lead to a new game dev project


It’s that time of year… time to put everything on hold for a while, get away for a bit and consume far too much food and drink.  Yes, GameFromScratch is about to go on vacation for a few days.  Bonus points if you can figure out where I am going from the picture below!




… anyways, being a game developer, do we ever really take vacation?  We are seemingly always thinking about how to accomplish something or other in our head.  This trip will no doubt be no different…


Actually, it will be different on one level.  I recently acquired a full sized iPad Air ( until now, I’ve only had a Mini ) and I am thinking about doing an entire series of creating games entirely on an iPad.  Let’s see just how much you can accomplish entirely on an iPad.  This means coding, game asset creation, everything on the iPad.


I’ve actually already purchased a number of items required.  I purchased a license of Codea back when I first got my iPad Mini, but I found the limited screen size to be a rather big annoyance.  I also have purchased several different drawing programs, including Paper, PhotoShop, ArtRage and iDraw.  I even have a functioning blog packaging, so I can right about the process.  Not really certain how I will tackle audio creation.  Another major downside is asset sharing…  this is one of the major limitations of iOS, sharing data between apps is pretty horrible.  The defacto workaround seems to be DropBox, but that depends entirely on how well the hotel’s Wifi works.  It could end up being a fun little side project.  Or it could be a complete waste of time… I guess we shall see.


Fortunately what it will be is a good LUA refresher, which I need for an upcoming and much larger project I am embarking on when I return.  More news on that later.


So anyways, that’s what I am about to do… if goes silent until next Wednesday… guess that means the hotel wireless was pretty awful.  In which case, have a great week!

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