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I have recently become more and more interesting in HTML5 game development.  However,HTML5_Logo_256 upon initial investigation I realized there are an absolute ton of libraries and tools out there.  Some of them are amazing, others… not so much.  During my research I put together notes on the key libraries, tools, books, frameworks and IDEs used for HTML5 development.  This is the results of that research.


So, if you are looking to get into HTML5 game development, this page could be a very good place to start.


This list is by no means complete, it just represents the best of what I have found so far.  If you have recommendations for inclusion ( especially for the links section! ), please let me have them!  There are links as well to non-game related frameworks like Backbone.js, YUI, Mustache, etc. I am intending to do some game tool development in JavaScript for an upcoming RPG project, so those are there as much for my use as anything.


I hope you find it handy.


Links of interest for HTML5 game developers.

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