Humble 7000 Game Dev Icon Bundle

Humble are running another bundle of interest to game developers, this one is the 7000 Game Dev Icon Bundle a collection of thousands of icons from inventory items, to weapons to match-3 style game icons.  Be sure to check your purchase history on Humble though, many of the icons in this bundle were in previous bundles.

As with all bundles, this one is organized into tiers:

1$ Tier

  • Fantasy Weapon Icons
  • Blue Loot Box
  • Jewelry Icons
  • Armor Icon Pack
  • Flat Skills Icon

15$ Tier

  • Spellbook Page 01
  • Spellbook Page 02
  • Spellbook Page 03
  • Spellbook Page 04
  • Sci-Fi Icons Pack
  • Sci-Fi Skill Icons Pack
  • Pirates Icons Pack
  • Witch Craft Icons
  • Fruit and Vegetables Icons
  • Gems Icon
  • Trading Icons
  • RPG Armor Sets
  • RPG Weapons Icons
  • Loot Icons
  • Herbal Icons
  • Prehistoric Age Icons

20$ Tier

  • Bags and Boxes Icons
  • Scrolls and Books Icons
  • Magic Items
  • Potions Icons
  • Resources and Craft Icon Pack
  • Weapon and Armor Icon Pack
  • Fishing Icons
  • Hunting Icons
  • Forest Icons
  • Necromancer Icons
  • Sci-Fi Armor Icons
  • Mining Icons
  • Trophy Icons
  • Barbarian Icons
  • Engineering Craft Icons
  • Food Icons
  • Spellbook Page 05
  • Spellbook Page 06
  • Spellbook Page 07
  • Spellbook Page 08
  • Spellbook Page 09
  • Skill Icon Pack
  • Sci-Fi Flat Skills
  • Strategy Game Icons

As with all Humble Bundles, you decide how your money is allocated, between charity, humble the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks if you do!) to support GFS if purchased using this link.  You can learn more and see inside one of the icon packs in the video below.

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