Humble Book Bundle: Game Design & Animation

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Humble Book Bundle: Game Design and Animation by Pack. This title is a bit misleading as the bundle actually covers a broad swatch of game development topics including books on the Godot, Unity and Unreal game engines, books on Blender, GLSL shaders and yes of course, books on animation and game design. As with all Humble Bundles it’s organized into tiers, with this bundle containing:

1$ Tier

  • Level Up Your CSS Animation Skills (Video)
  • Learn the Foundations of Blender (Video)
  • Hands-On C++ Game Animation Programming
  • Learn Clip Studio Paint
  • Blender 3D By Example

8$ Tier

  • Create a Game Character: Blender, Substance Painter and Unity (Video)
  • Mastering Abode Photoshop Elements 2020
  • Blender for Video Production Quick Start Guide
  • Hands-On Motion Graphics with Adobe After Effects CC
  • OpenGL and GLSL Fundamentals with C++ (Video)

15$ Tier

  • Learn Modern OpenGL Programming (Video)
  • Practical Game Design
  • Game Design with Unity 2019
  • Mastering UI Development with Unity
  • Introduction to 3D Character Animation in Unreal Engine 4 (Video)
  • Unreal Engine 4 Virtual Reality Projects
  • Godot Game Engine Game Development Projects
  • Real-Time 3D Graphics with WebGL 2
  • OpenGL 4 Shading Language Cookbook
  • Mastering SVG

As with all Humble Bundles, you can decide how your money is allocated, between Humble, Charity, the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do!) to support GFS using this link. You can learn more about this bundle in the video below.

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