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No doubt going along with GDC 2016, the folks over at Humble Bundle are running a CryEngine themed humble bundle.  Basically it’s the typical Humble approach.. pay what you like, with some proceeds going to charity.  If you pay over a certain threshold, you can additional items.  This bundle includes numerous assets ready to be used in CryEngine (and I assume Lumberyard).  Assets include a mocap package, prototyping props, trees, plants and shrubs.  The first tier for those that pay $8.64 or more includes a city and vehicle pack, RYSE nature pack, audio kit and a racing starter project from Crytek, while the top package for $13 or more includes more vehicles, more assets from Ryse and more.

EDIT – I purchased the bundle.  For more details of what’s included in the package check here.



Charity proceeds of the bundle go in support of extra life and Child’s Play charities.  The assets themselves cost over $22 million to make according to CryTek and can be used royalty free in free and commercial projects.  I can’t see if you are stuck using CryEngine with the assets.  I may purchase this pack to get an idea of what you get.

Full description of the bundle:

The Humble CRYENGINE Bundle

With big news comes big bundles. Crytek just announced that they’re making their acclaimed CRYENGINE free to use, and we want to start you off right. Included in this bundle are over 20,000 files that took three years and cost millions of dollars to make, and now they can be all yours. Want to sell your game? All assets included are yours to use as many times as you’d like in any commercial project and are completely royalty free!
Pay what you want for Plants & Shrubs, Trees, Environment Props, Prototyping Kit, Textures, Decals & Visual Effects, MoCap Animation Pack – Basic Military Rifle and FPS ‘Paintball’ Project.
Pay more than the average price to also receive an Audio Kit, Ryse Nature & Animal Pack, Vehicles Standard Edition, City Pack Standard Edition,Weapons Pack, Crytek Formula Racing – Starter Project, and Nexuiz.
Pay $13 or more for all of that plus Illfonic Survival – Starter Project, Ryse World Building Pack, Ryse Roman Pack, Vehicles High Quality, City Pack High Quality, and Characters & Animals.
Want to get a taste of what this bundle has to offer before buying it? You can get the Campfire Asset Pack for free!
Pay what you want. Collectively, these assets literally cost over $22 million dollars to make — really, we’re not kidding (even though for the sake of the original developers’ pockets, we wish we were). But here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price!
Use on CRYENGINE. With a combination of engine-ready Crytek assets as well as a large collection of source assets, you’ll be empowered to create, modify, build, and complement any game project that can be achieved with CRYENGINE. Download DRM-free asset packs along with the official CRYENGINE game development tools and get started immediately. Nexiuz is available on Steam. Please check out the full system requirements here prior to purchasing.
Support charity. Choose where the money goes — between the developers, two charities (Child’s Play and Extra Life), and, if you’d like, a third charity of your choice via the PayPal Giving Fund. For details on how this works, click here. If you like this bundle or like what we do, you can leave us a Humble Tip too.

Very cool move Crytek. 

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