Humble Fantasy GameDev Bundle

A new game development related Humble Bundle, the Humble Fantasy GameDev Bundle has just gone live.  This bundle consists of thousands of art assets mostly with a fantasy RPG theme.  As always with Humble Bundles, a portion of your proceeds go to the creator, a portion go to the Humble team, a portion goes to charity and a portion can go to support this channel.

Humble Bundles are always split into pricing tiers, although in this case the content is heavily loaded toward the top price tier of $20 USD.  If you buy the top tier, you get all of the assets below it.  The Fantasy GameDev bundle consists of:

1$ Tier

  • Potion Icons
  • Game Chest
  • SpellBook Page 01
  • Wooden UI
  • Fantasy Badges
  • RPG Weapons Icons

17.31$ Tier

  • TCG Card Design
  • Armor Icon Pack
  • Sci-Fi Skill Icon Pack
  • Engineering Craft Icons
  • Loot Icons
  • Fishing Icons
  • Flat Skills Icons
  • Survival Armor Icons
  • Resources Flat Icons
  • Mobs Avatar Icons
  • Character Avatar Icons
  • Magic Badges

20$ Tier

  • Fantasy Icon Megapack
  • SpellBook Megapack
  • TCG Cards Pack
  • Action RPG Loot
  • Action RPG Armor
  • Fantasy Animate Avatars
  • RPG Class Badges
  • Western Icons
  • GUI Megapack
  • Monster Avatar Icons
  • Fantasy Characters
  • Fairytale Icons Megapack

The bundle is available here while you can see the contents of the Bundle in the video below.  Unfortunately the license is not clearly stated, however the Humble team made the following tweet:


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