Humble Game Industry Book Bundle

The folks over at Humble Bundle are running another bundle of interest to game developers.  This one is the Humble Book Bundle: Break into the Game Industry by CRC Press, a eclectic collection of interest to artists, designers and programmers interested in getting into the Game industry, either at a studio, or producing their own indie title.  As always with Humble Bundle’s, a portion of the proceeds go to supporting charity, with this bundles featured charity being Girls Make Games.

Bundles are broken into tiers based on price, where paying the higher price gets you all of the books in the previous tier as well.  The books in each pricing tier include:

1$ USD Tier

  • Creative Character Design
  • Vintage Games 2.0
  • Becoming a Video Game Artist
  • Digital Mayhem 3D Landscape Techniques
  • Honoring the Code (Game Designer Interviews)

8$ USD Tier

  • 3D Game Environments
  • Designing the User Experience of Game Development Tools
  • The Indie Game Developer Handbook
  • Creative Direction in a Digital World
  • Digital Mayhem 3D Machine Techniques
  • Vintage Game Consoles

15$ USD Tier

  • Women in Game Development
  • Game Design Theory
  • A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing
  • Mobile & Social Game Design
  • The UX Careers Handbook
  • Write Your Way Into Animation and Games
  • White Space is Not Your Enemy

In addition to supporting charity, purchasing this bundle through this link also helps support GameFromScratch, so thank you!  You may have noticed this Bundle is light on content for programmers… there is currently the Humble O’Reilly Programmer Book bundle running as well.  If you are interested in learning more about the books in this bundle, be sure to watch the video below, where we go through the table of contents for every book in the bundle.

GameDev News Book

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