Humble Head First Programming By O’Reilly Bundle

There is another Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Humble Head First Programming by O’Reilly Bundle. This is a collection of e-books on mostly programming related subjects, including several programming languages. As with all Humble Bundles it is organized into tiers. If you buy a higher dollar value tier, you get all of the tiers below that one in value. The tiers of this bundle are:

1$ Tier

  • Head First Ruby
  • Head First C
  • Head First PMP
  • Head First SQL
  • Head First Statistics

8$ Tier

  • Head First JavaScript Programming
  • Head First Learn to Code
  • Head First HTML and CSS
  • Head First C#
  • Head First Agile

15$ Tier

  • Head First GO
  • Head First Java
  • Head First Python
  • Head First Kotlin
  • Head First Android Development

As with all Humble Bundles you decide how your money is allocated, between charity, Humble, the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do) to support GFS by using this link. You can learn more about the bundle in the video below.

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