Indie Game Dev Fund Just Launched

If you are an indie game developers, with a PC or Console game in development with at least a playable demo, the just launched Game Dev Fund might be ideal for you. It is an early stage investor and mentoring program composed of several game and game engine developers ( including former Unity Engine developer Aras who hosts of the Mastodon). Unfortunately, at least for now, the fund is only available to developers based out of the EU.

Details of the fund from the Game Dev Fund homepage:

No matter if your game idea is crazy or sane, we want to see and experience it. We believe in the great potential of game developers such as yourself, and we know how challenging it can be to bring your dream game into fruition. If you have a playable game demo for PC or console, congratulations, you have come a long way already. Now, we are here to help you take off and ship your dream game to the next level.

How can we help?


We look for game developer teams from EU countries and provide funds to the games we believe in. The size of the investment depends on an individual case and can be 0,1-0,5M EUR.

Creative Freedom

We trust in your ideas and abilities and would like to leave you full creative freedom. Though, at Gamedev Fund we are always happy to give you some valuable advice.


We have a growing pool of mentors to support you throughout your journey, from game development to successful publishing of the game. We are proactively looking to expand our network and match you with the relevant people in the industry who can help you grow and succeed.

You can learn more about the Game Dev fund in the video below.

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