Inkscape 0.92.1 Released


Inkscape is a popular open source vector based graphics package available here.  Inkscape 0.92.1 was just released with several fixes, improvements, documentation and some new known issues.

Details from the release notes:


Regression Fixes
  • Text: baseline-spacing related issues with regular and flowed text in legacy Inkscape SVG files (Bug #1655483 and others).
  • Text: Default baseline spacing stored in relative units is always converted to document units (Bug #1645016)
  • Path effects: Crash on ungroup if group contains elements with path effects (Bug #1657591)
  • Clipboard: Pasting a path effect from clipboard fails (Bug #1656093)
  • Clipboard: Fix copy&pasting of groups which contain elements with path effects (Bug #1656527)
  • Selection: Node tool can select objects on locked layers (Bug #1656141)
  • Clones: Critical warnings with clones and symbols (Bug #1653184)
  • About screen missing for several UI languages (Bug #1659426)
  • Selection: Missing transformation handles after reset of rotation center (Bug #1657874)
Important bugfixes
  • Bitmap images: Crash when opening files with invalid image links (Bug #1660142)
  • Bitmap images: Fix path separators in relative image links (Windows) (Bug #1659347)
  • File import: Failure to open CDR/Visio/WPG files from paths with special characters (Windows) (Bug #1656763)
  • Catalan: Tutorial translation (“Basic”) added
  • Czech: UI translation updated
  • English (GB): UI translation updated
  • French: UI translation updated
  • French: Man page, Readme and Keys & mouse reference updated
  • German: Man page and Keys & mouse reference updated
  • Icelandic: UI translation updated
  • Italian: UI translation updated
  • Latvian: UI translation updated
  • Russian: Tutorial translation (“Tracing Pixel Art”) added
  • Russian: UI translation updated
  • Spanish: UI translation updated
  • Slovak: Tutorial translation (“Tracing Pixel Art”) added
  • Slovak: UI translation updated
  • Ukrainian: UI translation updated
  • Shortcuts: Add shortcut ‘7’ for cycling through path effect parameters in node tool (Bug #1656713)
  • Shortcuts: Add new Shift+I shortcut to keys and mouse reference (Bug #1644609)
  • Man page: Add new –no-convert-text-baseline-spacing command line option (Bug #1661811)
Known issues
  • DPI Change: Dialog needs better explanation of available options (Bug #1659229)
  • DPI Change: Provide command line options for batch-processing legacy files (Bug #1659489)
  • DPI Change: known issues with ‘Scale elements’ option (Bugs #1653230, #1653230, #1653236, #1654342, #1654796, #1654880, #1654903, #1655005, #1655053, #1660228)
  • DPI Change: Default grids in documents created with Inkscape 0.91 don’t scale correctly (Bug #1653893)
  • Renderer: Artifacts in Gaussian blur effects with default quality settings (Bug #1656383)
  • Node tool: Deselecting selected nodes of complex paths takes a long time (Bug #1652100)
  • Fill and Stroke: HSL color selector may show corrupted colors, defunct 5th slider (Bug #1635982)

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