Inside CCG Toolkit For Unreal

Currently free as part of the February Unreal content giveaway, we take a hands-on look at CCG Toolkit.  The CCG Toolkit is a collection of blueprints and assets that provide a framework for easily creating digital card games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone.  CCG Toolkit is described as:

The CCG Toolkit is an extensive card game framework that allows developers to create their own single and multiplayer card games. Whether you are looking to develop an idea or want to move your existing tabletop card game into the digital space, the CCG Toolkit provides the essential tools, interactions and functionality to see your own card experience come to life… fast.

With the following features:

– 100% Blueprint Framework

– Multiplayer support

– Customizable Card Game AI + Debug UI

– Highly customizable card creation

– Deck builder – Create, Edit, and Save limitless custom decks

– Card Manager which feature interchangeable positioning profiles

– Card sets with 35+ example cards

– In-game card positioning editor and game tools

– Deck Generator – Filter, Shuffle, and Weigh cards in deck

– Customizable card placement

– Board Players

– Mouse-over card previews

– Card graveyard

– 10+ included card abilities with multiple settings variations

– Player and opponent UI framework

– Turn-based gameplay system

– Player health and mana systems

– Cards and board player interactions

– Basic card movement and visual gameplay cues

– Basic win and loose conditions

– Turn and game timer’s

– Simple main menu, deck selection, arena selection, and server selection menus

– Several custom function libraries

– In-game Notifications manager

– 2D and 3D card art and assets

– 7 Included arena’s

The toolkit is also extremely well documented, with the PDF documentation available here.  Be sure to “buy” it before February ends to get it for free, as the offer is a limited time only.

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