Introducing Project Starlord: Initial game design documents

As I said earlier, I am about to start work on a mobile/web/desktop game and this is the initial design details i’ve sketched so far.  This is just a mind dump of the game in my brain right now, so obviously its subject to change.



Game brief


Project Starlord Overview


You are charged with running a weapons factory in the far flung future. Starting from a simple factory on a single planet, the player researches and creates new designs, decides which factions to work with, has to deal with marketing and government negotiations as well as defending your factory from pirates and other hostile forces.


There are other arms manufactures that you can compete with, trade with, or both. Beyond building a single weapon system ( for example, laser or missile system ) you can eventually research complete platforms ( such as tank, jet or mech ). You can either make all the required components internally, or source the parts you can’t make. Once your enterprise reaches a certain size, you can move beyond your home system and become players in the local solar system.


There are prestigious competitions you can can sponsor teams with using your weapons. In addition you can form your own team eventually, with your pilots piloting your own unique design.


The world evolves around the player. By making generous offers to one side of a conflict, you can tilt the balance of power. You may however make an enemy as a result. Back the wrong side and you may find yourself with a client unable to pay you! Or you can try to sell weapons to all sides, although eventually your customers may eventually force you to choose a side.


Of course, in a world without war, there is no need for weapons! You can’t have that now can you? Keep an eye on political situations and apply a bit of pressure when it’s in your best interest. Careful though, don’t get caught!



Game Components



So essentailly I am looking to create an economic simulator where you run a weapons factory.  I have always found turn based strategy games the best fit for mobile gaming and some of my favourite experiences ( Civilizations, XCom, Game Dev Story, Lemonade Tycoon, etc… ) have been in this mold.


Obviously Starlord is just a code name, as I am fairly certain Marvel holds the copyright.  Do to the nature of people cloning games, camping URLs etc, I don’t think I will be making the name public anytime soon.  Next up I’m going to start modelling the various systems I am going to have to create.  Divide and conquer, repeat and rinse.


Does this sound like the type of game you would play?


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