Inworld AI Powered NPCs

Inworld is an interesting new service using AI and machine learning to power NPCs. You define characters by giving them a variety of character traits (anger, excitement, etc.), define relationships between characters and locations as well as populate a knowledge database characters may or may not have access to. Then Inworld takes it from there and you can chat with your character like a typical online chatbot. Once happy you can integrate the characters into your game using either the Unity or Unreal Engine SDKs or the generic Javascript API.

Details of Inworld:

Build AI characters in minutes

Use natural language prompts and simple controls to configure your character’s personality. Take things deeper by describing your character’s backstory, motivations, memories, base of knowledge, speaking style, and voice.

Powering everything behind the scenes is Inworld Engine: 20 machine learning and character AI models that are designed to mimic human gestures, speech, safety, emotion, and memory.

Make your characters more real

Just like characters from stories you know and love, Inworld characters don’t start out fully formed. Refine them by jumping straight into a conversation through studio chat or in VR with our Oculus application.

Take your characters into new worlds

Once your characters are ready to make people laugh, smile, and maybe even cry, it’s time to deploy.

AI characters can be deployed into games and virtual worlds using comprehensive packages for common engines like Unity and Unreal. A Node.js SDK is also available.

Key Links

Inworld Homepage


You can learn more about using Inworld to create AI powered NPCs in the video below.

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