Jelly Bean ( Android 4.1 ) SDK is here. What’s in it for game developers?

So, Google has just released the Android 4.1 SDK, so lets take a quick look it what’s in there jellybeenfor game developers.

  • Vsync support, screen refreshing at 16 ms
  • systrace, a new kernel level profilinge tool
  • input device querying
  • low level media codec access
  • multi-channel audio
  • audio pre-processing
  • audio chaining ( transition on audio effect to the next )
  • new renderscript extensions
  • improved HTML5 rendering speeds
  • improved JavaScript engine speeds


Well, that’s about it.  Audio get’s a pretty big boost in capability and it will be interesting to see the results of universal vsync.  Otherwise a pretty minor update. On the bright side, it shouldn’t really result in any more fragmentation.


From a non-gaming perspective, it also adds resizable widgets, smart updates ( only update the parts that changed!  Long overdue ), many new notification options and a bunch of graphical fluff.


So, how many years until 4.1 has more than a 1% install base?  Considering I am still waiting for my Galaxy Note to be upgraded from 2.3, I’m not holding my breath.


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