JetBrains Rider for Godot Engine Development

The Rider IDE from JetBrains is increasingly becoming their go to IDE for game developers, with Unreal Engine, Unity and now Godot Engine support. Rider is a cross platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) IDE build on their Resharper refactoring tools, originally for .NET development, but increasingly focusing on game development. Godot Engine support is added to Rider as an open source MIT licensed plugin, with the following features:

Autogenerates multiple run configurations:

  • Player to Run/Debug or Profile game in one click. Demo
  • Editor to Run/Debug or Profile Godot Editor in one click
  • Attach to debug already started player
  • WATSharp to start the test-runner. More

Context menu on a scene file allows running game directly to that scene.

Fields marked with [Export] attribute would not be marked as not-initialized. Classes marked with [Tool] attribute would not be marked as unused. Delegates marked with [Signal] attribute would not be marked as unused.

Support running XUnit/NUnit tests inside the game process. More

Rider is a commercial IDE, although there is a full functioning 30 day version available, as well as an early access version which is free to use.

Key Links

Rider Homepage

Godot Support GitHub Repository

You can learn more about using Rider to do C# development with the Godot Game Engine in the video below.

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