jMonkeyEngine engine makes the move to GitHub… well, almost

jMonkeyEngine, the popular, free and open source Java based game engine have just announced a mirror of their repository on GitHub.


  • This mirror is not official yet, and we might still make changes. Don’t make yourself reliant on it.
  • Don’t make any pull requests to this repository, they will be ignored.
  • We’d like to eventually move to Git/GitHub as our main repository, making SVN/GoogleCode the read-only mirror, but this will not be the case for some time still.


With further clarification that this is just a test:

Consider this an evaluation of GitHub. This wasn’t meant to be a debate. This thread was intended for existing (and newly registered) GitHub users to get their account properly connected with their pre-existing user in our commit history. That’s it.

My bad for saying “We’d like to eventually move to Git/GitHub”, Nevermind that. We’ll get back to arguing about the usefulness of GitHub if this mirror actually picks up steam.

Personally, I prefer Github over Google Code, although I am nowhere near a good enough Java programmer to be making any contributions any time soon, so I am more a consumer type user at the end of the day.  If it were me setting up a respiratory today I would certainly choose GitHub over Google Code for a couple reasons.  Biggest of which is, Github is fast becoming *the* repository, to the point people now go to Github first when looking for open source solutions.  For simple discoverability, I would favour GitHub.


Second, well, I don’t really trust Google anymore.  I use them for Adsense, and I couldn’t begin to go into the number of problems they have there, it borders on fraud.  Besides, their prior track record has been awful. Lately they have been pulling the plug on projects far earlier and with far less notice, the early demise of Google Wave being just one example, at least that one got spun off into a 3rd party open source project, many just die.  They also have this nasty habit of revising their business model on the fly.  Last year they MASSIVELY raised the rates for people that used their App Engine service for example, or when they started encrypting search query’s, rendering their analytics data nearly useless.  Then of course is the complete lack of support with any and all of their products.  With actions like these I have a hard time trusting them with anything important anymore.


Well, enough with my beefs with Google…


If you are interested, be certain to check out the jMonkeyEngine, its a very cool 3D engine.  News of this announcement is here while the GitHub repository is here.


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