Judge Grants Unreal Engine Temporary Injunction

Just a few weeks back the war between Epic Games and Apple began after Epic added their own IAP backend server to Fornite, resulting in Apple immediately pulling Fortnite from the App Store. This lead to an immediate (and premeditated) lawsuit from Epic Games, which Apple replied to by going thermal nuclear revoking Epics’ Developer keys, leaving Epic unable to support Unreal Engine on Mac platforms. In response to this Epic games immediately filled a motion for preliminary injunctive relief. Today a judge has made a ruling in the case, details from The Verge:

“The Court finds that with respect to Epic Games’ motion as to its games, including Fortnite, Epic Games has not yet demonstrated irreparable harm. The current predicament appears of its own making,” Rogers wrote, saying that Epic “strategically chose to breach its agreements with Apple” and thus disturb the status quo.

But, Rogers wrote, maintaining that status quo is also why she’s ruling that Apple can’t cut off access to the Unreal Engine right now. There, it was Apple who “has chosen to act severely” by impacting both third-party app developers, as well as Epic’s reputation, by threatening the Unreal Engine.

“Epic Games and Apple are at liberty to litigate against each other, but their dispute should not create havoc to bystanders,” Rogers wrote.

Essentially Fortnite remains removed from the App Store, but the threat against Unreal Engine developers is no more, ultimately the ideal ruling for Unreal Engine developers. The lawsuit itself is going to take months or years to resolve unless a settlement is reached. You can learn more about the ruling in the video below.

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