Just a heads up about tomorrow and this site…


You are going to hear nothing but the sound of crickets on GameFromScratch tomorrow.  April 1st is the one day of the year I turn off the internet. Each year, April fools jokes get worse and worse and worse.  People have said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit… no doubt, those people were born before Aprils fools day.  Actually, in the pre-internet days, I actually found April’s Fools day rather amusing, I love a good prank.  But once the internet got involved,it just became painfully stupid.


Already the first of the bad Aprils Foolsday jokes have infected reddit


If you haven’t detected yet…




See y’all on April 2nd!  The best day of the year, as it’s 364 days away from the next April’s Fools day…


I seriously will be completely offline browsing wise tomorrow, it’s become an annual tradition for me.  I will of course still be available by email should anything not April 1 related come up!

Totally Off Topic Rant

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